Validation of the Geriatric Sleep Questionnaire

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Espirito-Santo, Helena
Dias-Azedo, Diana
Lemos, Laura
Grasina, Alexandra
Andrade, Diogo
Henriques, Sandra
Paraíso, Luís
Daniel, Fernanda
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Objective: Assessing sleep in later life is essential for diagnosing and treating sleep problems and their consequences. We aimed to test a short questionnaire specifically designed to assess the subjective sleep quality in older people, the Geriatric Sleep Questionnaire (GSQ) Method: The GSQ was validated in a Portuguese sample of older people (N = 443; 65-100 years; M = 80.02; SD = 6.95). We analyzed reliability, factor validity, convergent validity with other theoretical similar constructs, discriminant validity with a theoretically divergent measure, and predictive power to detect sleep problems (ROC analysis). Results: A six-item version was obtained with good reliability (Cronbach's α = .79), and adequate convergent and divergent validity (p < .01). ROC analysis revealed a sensitivity of 80.0% and a specificity of 66.7% in detecting sleep problems with a cutoff point of 16 (AUC = .72). Older people in social care, low education, and living in rural areas reported worse sleep quality. Conclusion: The GSQ-6 is a brief instrument with good psychometric characteristics to assess the subjective sleep quality in older people. The GSQ-6 seems to be a valuable tool for future investigations on the relationship of sleep quality with mental health and well-being in older people.
Sono - Sleep, Envelhecimento - Aging, Validação - Validation, Geriatric Sleep Questionnaire - Geriatric Sleep Questionnaire
Espirito-Santo, H., Dias-Azedo, D., Lemos, L., Grasina, A., Andrade, D., Henriques, S., Paraíso, L., & Daniel, F. (2021). Validation of the Geriatric Sleep Questionnaire. Sleep Medicine (in press).