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Título: Optimism and well-being among institutionalized older adults
Autores: Espirito-Santo, Helena
Daniel, Fernanda
Palavras-chave: Optimism
Physical health
Data: 2018
Editora: GeroPsych
Citação: Espirito Santo, H. & Daniel, F. (2018). Optimism and well-being among institutionalized older adults. GeroPsych:The Journal of Gerontopsychology and Geriatric Psychiatry, 31(1), 5-16. doi: 10.1024/1662-9647/a000182
Resumo: Institutionalization is often related to the psychologically negative outcomes of old age. Optimism could alleviate suffering, but little is known about its role in institutionalized settings. We sought to explore optimism correlates and to determine whether it predicts emotional well-being variables, after controlling for potential covariates, by assessing 66 institutionalized elderlies. Optimism was low and associated with failure to do physical exercise, urinary incontinence, increased anxiety, depressive symptoms and feelings of loneliness, and reduced satisfaction with life and positive affect. Optimism predicted emotional well-being, albeit not over and above some covariates. Given the low optimism levels and the correlates, we suggest that intrapersonal resources could be intervention targets. It is our hope that our findings will inspire research to analyze interventions promoting optimism-beneficial combinations of well-being among institutionalized older adults.
URI: http://repositorio.ismt.pt/handle/123456789/922
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